PB23 Titanium Seed Plate

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2023 Limited Edition - Pacific Bitcoin Festival.
Custom Metal Stamp

Introducing the Exclusive 2023 Pacific Bitcoin Titanium Seed Plate. This unique design, crafted by our in-house artist, pays homage to Stamp Seed's journey to sunny California for the second Pacific Bitcoin Festival, embracing the vibrant synthwave ambiance of the event!

Size: 3” x 3”

  • Includes: 2mm thick, polished titanium plate featuring 24 numbered cells, 2 sidelines for additional information, and 4 utility holes for easy mounting or stacking with hardware, zip ties, or locks.
  • Fire-resistant: Enjoy unparalleled protection with our fire-resistant titanium plates, which can withstand temperatures of up to 3,000ºF (1,650ºC) – nearly 3 times the heat of an average house fire.
  • Non-corrosive: Titanium is naturally designed to be non-corrosive, providing shielded protection through oxidation when exposed to oxygen. This ensures that your seed words remain resistant to excess moisture, saltwater, acid exposure, and rust.
  • Crushproof: Will not damage or break upon crush or impact. Will remain as one solid piece as letters are stamped into the plate. There are no loose letter tiles, rivets, or screws.